Even though we live in a time where most of our communication is digital, there are times we need to get physical goods shipped or received.

So what we have ended up doing in those situations, especially in places we stay for a longer time, is to get a post box. In Spain where we last year spent 7 months, we got a post box with Mailboxes Etc and it worked beautifully. There was someone there to receive our packages and also to help us send mail when necessary.

If you wonder why we didn’t have things shipped directly to the address where we stay, it’s because that mailbox was way too little. Another reason was that we didn’t want to risk losing the packages if we were not home at that the right time.

Getting a mailbox was both convenient and made certain that we got what we ordered.

In Norway, where we have our storage unit, we also have a mailbox where we pick up mail when we are back to change suitcases.

In short, a mailbox is an inexpensive way to make sure you have an address that will work no matter what.


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