The one question we have asked ourselves many many times is – where the h*** did the money go?

As nomads, there are other expenses than what we normally would have, and so a budget and keeping track of our expenses have proven to be of utmost importance. Little things can add up more quickly than you realize.

What we started with was using a spreadsheet to keep track of our expenses, mostly for our travel costs including air, car and accommodation and then every month we would go through our bank statement and look at our much was spent on food etc.

This, however, is quite cumbersome, and since there are other things we want to do than to go through our bank statements and spend hours in our spreadsheet we started to look for other ways.

Enter a free (and paid) tool that we now use to track our expenses called Wanderlog.

With this website and app, the process is straightforward.

As a matter of fact, it makes our travel schedule much easier.

For example, for reservations with confirmation emails, we simply forward the email to the website.

For any credit card and cash transactions, you enter them manually in the app.

This way our travel schedule and expenses are all taken care of in one place, and it’s always up to date.


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