We have travelled to a few places and tried different heights before doing this post ! Trust us when we say that the breathtaking views are always worth the trek! Plus it's not like we are taking you to the moon, it's just earth that we are talking about.

Acclimatising and oxygen levels

Everyone keeps talking about how oxygen levels are super low at some places  and how one might not survive the terrain. But relax, it's nothing like that. As long as you rest for a few hours following your arrival and "NOT" do over excited cart wheels or such , you are going to be ok. In-fact we went out to the city the same day that we arrived, but we took it real slow and explored without any problems.

Non-Smokers Vs Smokers

Non-smokers will experience comfortable breathing in these areas when compared to their smoking counterparts. There is no reason to worry as oxygen cans are easily available at the chemists which can help you on the go (we got the ones called oxo 99 in Ladakh for a just-in-case situation but never even opened them).  One can also get their oxygen levels checked at any chemist. So a good reason to quit smoking aye ?

Ask yourself if you get sick when you travel to local hill stations ? 

If the answer is yes, don't sweat! Precaution is the way to go. Some passes in some places can be above 18,000 ft , but you can always consult a doctor before you mark your journey. Also, you must try to acclimatise for more than half a day after you arrive the city. With proper preparation you can have a wonderful trip. Also keep faith in yourself and keep a positive attitude!

Any Fitness Vs No Fitness

Something is always better than nothing. If you exercise regularly or do yoga , High altitudes will be a piece of cake for you because it's all about mental and physical balance. We would suggest you all to start some kind of physical movement. It really makes a difference.

All in all everyone's different, just try and keep an open mind.

Here are some precautions that one can take to avoid or reduce the effects of mountain sickness for a happy trip :

1. Avoid spending too much time at high altitude passes. 

2. Drink water at regular interval and water mixed with glucose or electrolytes to keep yourself hydrated and keep your energy levels up. 

3. Avoid overexerting and take frequent breaks while walking or climbing stairs. 

4. Avoid overeating and eat light yet frequent meals. Keep energy bars and munchies with you at all times.

5. Avoid smoking altogether and try not to drink till you are fully acclimatised, because alcohol causes dehydration.

6. You should immediately approach hospital or an army base if you or a fellow traveler starts showing symptoms of severe Mountain Sickness. 

7. One can carry medicines like Aspirin or Crocin etc or can buy an oxygen cylinder which i've mentioned above. In severe cases or to be on the safer side one can consult a doctor who can prescribe you meds like Diamox or Dexamethasone which are generally used to prevent mountain sickness altogether,

7, Last but not the least follow trekker’s mantra of climbing high and sleeping low. This means that even though you might travel across high altitude passes during day, you must try to sleep at lower altitude places at night.

Khardongla pass (India)

Khardongla pass (India)

Rainbow mountains (Peru)

Rainbow mountains (Peru)

THREE IDIOTS GO TO LADAKH (Pre-Wedding shoot series)

Pre-Wedding shoots are one of the most fun shoots one can have in their life. You get to go away from everything with your loved one to just sit back, relax and celebrate that you have made it! Yes, you realise that you have taken the first step and now you are moving towards spending your life together - forever!

Our pre-wedding was something that we will always cherish!

The journey started when we finally decided that we want to go and explore Ladakh. Next was the decision about who will do our shoot. Honestly this was a rather easy one because du'uh  the  only name that popped up in our minds was Naman ( Simply because he is the best wedding and art photographer that we know, and I'm not saying this because he is my bestie, but because you can judge his work yourself here - Naman Verma Photography). Honestly, there is no-one , and I mean it when I say, no-one who could have tolerated us (me) and done justice to what we had expected from this trip! He made sure that we have an amazing story to tell through the pictures when we return,

The next thing we know "The Three Idiots"  were on the flight to Leh and we literally packed our entire wardrobe (I was only 26Kgs overweight, but it was worth it, ask the boys). Also, it's a completely different experience when you visit Ladakh with your "the one" because the last time I was there, I was a teenager and with my parents so, what can I say.

We made sure that we don't become your typical tourists and tried our best to explore the places, try out the cuisines, slurp on different kinds of teas and click polaroids as we savoured the mountains, rivers , valleys and passes.

Without revealing too much , will be doing more in-depth posts on topics ranging from bookings and packing to food and sight seeing on behalf of the Three Idiots ! Hope you keep up with us ! Loads of new pictures coming up soon but right now we want you to enjoy this video!


It's natural to daydream about your "BIG DAY" when you are at work but it's too tough to work when you are thinking about the same ! Hiring a Wedding planner can sometimes hello you out, but then it's just one more person you will have to communicate with!

Here are a few points on how to deal with work and manage your wedding planning like a Boss


Organising is the key. There is a difference between writing and actually doing it. Set small goals and make them work! Discuss with your fiancé and make a list of all the things to do- Just like you do at work. Decide what is most important to you both and tackle those things first.


It will go a long way if you set your goals in the beginning! Selecting the perfect band or hiring the best decorator, use your weekdays wisely and you can catchup with your "me time" over the weekend. Have a soothing soak or go to the salon, you won't be worried every waking hour of the day about what is to be done about a certain situation, instead you will be happy to look back at the week and give yourself a toast !


You may be a force to recon with at work but you just have to accept that every little thing is not your bloody headache! You don’t have to make every tiny decision yourself in order to have the wedding of your dreams. Chances are that you care about the wedding dress a lot more than you worry about the place card fonts.


There is nothing wrong with teamwork. You know that because you do it everyday. Don’t let your pride or pickiness be the source of stress and suffering performance at work. Why not let your groom pick the DJ, your mother coordinate the wedding favors and your best friend send you suggestions for the flowers?


It's definitely important to get some sleep to give that racing brain of yours some time off. If your mind is fresh , you will be able to juggle stuff better. 


Planning a wedding can be fun and provide you and your partner with a reason to escape and see each other. Catch-up for a coffee or two to sort things out or meet an organiser for the wedding. This is how you can manage your relationship, wedding preps and work! WIN-WIN ! 


What to expect and do if you are travelling Solo

Hurrah!! You have managed to convince yourself that you can be on your own. Travelling solo is a big step in your life and is going to change the way you see your life and the world completely.

1. Be Optimistic and Open
Only happiness can generate happiness and because you are travelling solo you will be making new friends. Be prepared to open up to people (don't trust them blindly eh) but there will be some days when you will be all by yourself and not a single soul in sight so you need to be happy and prepared for whatever is coming your way! 

2. Leave To Explore and Embrace
Do your research thoroughly to comfort yourself about going to an unknown place for the first time, but leave enough flexibility in your plans for adventures to find you. Make a plan with some sightseeing and leave some "me time" in it to explore ! Explore the places where the locals go instead of where the tourists go!

3. Essentials to take along
Pack your Important documents specially your passport if travelling abroad. Your bookings, Important phone numbers, proofs and addresses should be with you at all times. Separate your cash at two places and don’t pack all essentials in one bag. Travel light, Plan ahead. Don’t pack anything that you are doubtful about. Most of the countries allow medicines in the main bag so take your first aid box with you. 

Also, I always make sure to travel with a copy of my passport and driver’s license. When I stay in hostels, I tend to keep the originals locked up in my room and I’ll carry the photocopies around with me while I explore. That way in the unfortunate event that anything does happen to my purse, I always have the originals right where I left them.

 4. Expenses
Plan your expenses wisely and explore all options before booking. Take your time. After you have figured everything, Keep a little bit extra for "just in case" situations.

 5. Sleep around

I don't mean like that (lol) it means that try a cozy homestay or look for room rentals in an apartment – this gives you an automatic connection with residents when you’re travelling alone. As a solo traveller, you’ll have tons of options to choose from. Even if your landlord doesn’t take you out on the town, you’ll at least scoop up a few local tips. Hostels are of course ready-made for solo travellers too, but you might wind up spending more time with other tourists than with locals.

6. Travelling and Safety 

First and foremost, let’s give ourselves a little reality check by remembering that things can happen to anyone at anytime regardless of our location in the world. If you are taking a cab, choose to sit in the front seat, strike a conversation with the driver, works really well to forge a bond. But be careful about believing strangers when travelling by public transport. Take care of your stuff and make sure its locked properly. If you feel it's not a safe part of the world do make sure that you stay at a good recognised place or in the main area instead of a quiet one.

7. Eat big

You might be tempted to live on fast food just to avoid awkward restaurant situations. Don’t. In fact, fancy establishments are fantastic places to dine alone. Waiters are happy to help solo diners who smile and say, “I made a special trip just to eat here. What do you recommend?” Social folks might want to eat at the bar, but there’s no shame in taking a table for two.

8. Memories
A good camera can be your best partner because it can share everything that you are witnessing. Sharing or not sharing them on a social level is a personal choice but the treasure is worth preserving and looking back at. Trust me, there will be times when you want to cherish all that you experienced. 

9. Stay in contact with family and friends while you’re on the road.

Providing them with all of your itineraries and reservations isn’t enough. Always remember to use some form of communication to let them know you’ve reached your next stop and that you are safe. Whenever I travel, I always use  WhatsApp to constantly stay connected with everyone. As long as you have wifi wherever you are, you won’t eat away at your data and your phone bill won’t get outrageously high. Another options are obviously Facetime, Skype etc. Whatever method you choose, stay connected.

10. Final advice, don't over-think it, Just do it !


It's mandatory to praise a bride when she is trying on clothes and deciding her favourite outfits. But a reality check can help her decide better outfits and ..

Here's why your Guys are your saviour :

1. They see you through their eyes and not through some Rosy-love covered goggles!

Boys can be blunt and that might hurt your feelings but that is exactly what you need to buy sensible stuff because they will never say the word Nice, thay will either light up with a wow or just say NEXT!

2. Why Guy-Friends and Brothers ?

Guys sometimes have a better eye for what looks nice on you. Why not your fiancé you ask ?Remember your brother calling you a fat cow all the time? When you are with your bestie or your brother they are vocal about how you look in a certain piece of clothing, unlike your fiancé who would rather avoid getting into trouble for saying that your ass looks fat in that dress.

3. Way less drama and chirping.

Your girls might start crying or throwing wows at you as soon as you step out in that first dress and keep the drama going until you try your last look - which in turn confuses you further because you are not that sure about which one looks the best. You might end up buying the wrong dress or too many just because you looked pretty in them. On the other hand your guys will be just nodding and pouting like Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada until you get your hands on an outfit that makes look like a superstar!

4. They know when you are following a pattern!

They just sense it when they see you buying all outfits that look the same. They remind you that you have this, or you have similar design, colour, pattern etc. They will not let you collect all peach or powder outfits in your wardrobe. As a bonus this will also keep your pockets in check because you won't buy similar random 200 outfits.

5. You can call them at 2:00 A.M to discuss just about anything!

This is the best one. You can call your girlfriends but they would remember everything and keep discussing. When you call your guys they won't remember a thing instead they will listen to your conversation as if it's the first time they are hearing about it. No way anything they know is going out.

6. No Competition.

No matter what, there is always a chance that someone from your group liked the same thing that you liked and goes out to buy it or something similar later, making you regret your decision to bring her to your shopping spree. Most of the times they are worried about their own outfits and your outfit comes in later for discussion (nothing wrong with that but you know what i mean). With guys you will never have that problem and you can in-turn sleep peacefully as a happy bride-to-be!

Do you think it's  somewhat true ? Leave us a mail or a comment ! Love xx


Even if she is keeping things low-key or it's a week long extravaganza, turns out that her wedding day is easily one of the biggest days of your and her life — which is why it's important to come up with a "Bridesmaids Checklist" of things to have for her with you to avoid mini accidents and major drama.


No matter how much setting spray you use, makeup has the tendency to get oily when it’s been on your face all day long. Keep her looking fresh without messing up her makeup further with blotting papers. (Available at Forever 21)


Fix those wrinkles with a handheld steamer.  Chances are that her dress is going to get a little bit wrinkly in places but with the help of little steam it'll be as good as new! 


Even if you applied the bride with 10 cans of deodorant before you left, it's never enough. Between the nerves, all of the dancing around, and the fact that she's wearing a heavy dress and makeup all day, she will need it.


A lot of brides and grooms find that they either forget to eat, or they’re just way too nervous. All of the sudden things get busy, and out of nowhere they realize that they are STARVING. Bring along few granola bars or something similar to calm his & her hunger needs while you run to the food counters like a mad woman to collect food for them to hog.


Wardrobe malfunctions happen to the best of them. Keep her outfit in check with this easy fashion hack called fashion tape.


If your bride wears contacts chances are that this should be No. 1 on your list. Eye drops are important to have, especially because she is going to cry — tears (of joy, obviously) can dry out her eyes. Better yet, bring along an extra pair just in case.

7. FLATS ! 

One of the most important things that the bride will eventually need. Walking around in heels all day isn’t the most fun thing to do, and these will be a godsend when she is feeling exhausted.


Even if she did brush her teeth, keep mints handy to keep her breath fresh. She's going to be hogging food, while hugging and talking to a TON of people! She needs them, for real.


Again, wardrobe malfunctions can happen to your bride. It doesn’t hurt to keep a little sewing kit around. Also, Keep some bobby pins close by in case you need to make some quick touch-ups.


When nerves kick in, or the alcohol does, she will need your immediate attention ! In any situation it is better to be prepared than to be embarrassed for neglecting a small thing! 


Have extra earring backs with you just in case something happens and she needs them. Bring a few extra for other bridesmaids too. No one wants to lose an earring!


Who wants to deal with smudged lips or chipped nails when they’re about to take a bunch of pictures involving them? Keep her wedding lipstick and nail polish close by just in case something happens.


The last thing anyone wants to deal with on their wedding day is a dead phone. Keep a charger around so that those batteries stays full all night


Even if everything is taken care of, you might find that you want to tip the waitstaff or someone else at the venue. Keep some extra cash handy just in case.


If your bride is a white or a pastel bride chances are that this will be the most used thing at the wedding after those blotting papers. She is wearing a light coloured dress. Accidents happen. If she stains her dress, use some chalk to hide it from view.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 12.50.08 AM.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 4.36.03 AM.png


So if you remember , earlier this year I was one of the few lucky brides who started her wedding preparations by getting a bridal makeover by India's top designer Tarun Tahiliani and the most popular wedding Website in India called Wed Me Good. When I got the call I didn't even know what to say except "ARE YOU SERIOUS ?". The Mehrauli store that recently opened up is no less than a wedding paradise. When I got there they had this beautiful Cream and Gold Gota Patti lehengas laid out for me and had a full range of Beautiful Indian Bridal jewellery to choose from. They had a hair, makeup and photography team ready for me to feel like i've stepped into a dream!! It was one of the best moments of my life, because you don't feel like a bride until you start the preparations and the emotions were clearly evident in my pictures!!

Thank you to Mehak From WMG and Peaches and Blush for this amazing collaboration !

A special shoutout to Rachna Ma'am there who is the most amazing person ever! She knows all the designs at Tarun Tahiliani inside-out, so if you are looking for a wedding outfit or an outfit for your sister/mum,  she is the person to meet! Visit there Mehrauli store for their latest collection! I've added some of my fav pieces from their latest collection below, do check them out!

My Pictures are ©  Art Capture Productions  

My Pictures are © Art Capture Productions 


There were loads and loads of options to choose from if you want to look like a pretty princess on your big day. These are my favourite 5 from the pastel section!

Spoiler Alert - The finale outfit is to die for!

Fashion show pictures are mine or courtesy FDCI


Sister of the bride is one of the most important people at the wedding. She is the bride's mirror, her Maid of Honour, Her Right hand person basically. She has to run around a lot so it's really important that she is able to run wherever , whenever the bride needs her. These Gorgeous options are perfect for the sister to shine and be comfortable all at the same time.



There is no comparison to the traditional bride. She never goes "out-of-fashion". If you are a traditional bride chances are that this outfit is going to be passed on to your  future generations, so be wise and invest in a good design!



Engagement rings are a big deal because it's one piece of jewellery that one has to wear for the rest of their lives. Most of the people I know keep changing theirs after the engagement because they are just not satisfied with what they got because trust me when I say that it's tougher to commit to this piece of jewellery than to commit to a person!

When it comes to choices and opinions , Akshit and I are very different people.

I always knew (Like all girls do) what I wanted and he (Like most boys) had no idea  about his choice. So we went on to search for the perfect ring together. After my constant hints and desperate efforts Akshit did not pop the question with a ring of his choice (will hold this on his head forever) but blessing in disguise , it gave me a chance to get the ring that I actually wanted. Here is a His and Her ring thing.

Her Ring's thing

I wanted a band but there was not even a single decent looking ring available in the market that I actually liked. We went to numerous jewellers and tried on endless rings but nothing looked like what I envisioned. In that fancy sea of big rocks I was searching for my simple soulmate. Finally we decided to get it custom made. Everyone was paranoid that the ring won't be fancy enough or what would it look like and I even got comments like it's the wrong decision and who wears bands? But all is well that looks well and when the engagement day arrived and I looked at the ring, it was just perfect for me and nothing else mattered in that moment anymore!

His Ring's thing

Now came Akshit's turn. This boy I tell you. He tried on maybe one more than what I did and finally got a single rock instead of the traditional band that most of the guys get. so this happened and Epiphanies I tell you! When we were exchanging rings it hit me that we both went against the tide and got ourselves what would otherwise not be the first choice for many people. It looked great on him so I guess going out of the box worked for us!

Send us your ring stories would love to here them! xx

All pictures in this post are  © Abhit Jhanji Photography

All pictures in this post are © Abhit Jhanji Photography



Yes and only Yes would be my first reaction if you asked me this question. Although it's a fairly recent trend to catch up in the Indian wedding market but it's been a long standing tradition abroad! It's one of the most important things that I would suggest you add to you TO-DO list today and Here are simple 3 reasons why :

1. Save the Dates help you plan far in advance.

Since save the dates tell guests they can expect an invitation to the wedding, save the dates gets you in planning mode even earlier in the game. Save the dates are typically sent 6-9 months period to the wedding for abroad and 3-4 months to local guests, which means you’ll already have a stellar guest list all set (specifically addresses and contacts for the formal invites) finalized, and ready to go that far in advance. You’ll have concrete numbers for tables, favours, and other elements, which means less stress for you in the long run. (Always a good thing)

2. Save the Dates is not just the date.

Sure, these cards tell guests when the wedding date is, but save the dates do so much more: they get guests amped up for the big day! You’d be surprised how exciting it is to receive a save the date when you’re a guest. For instance, I received a save the date last month from my bestie Ella, and while I was already excited about the wedding, the date in print made me even that much giddier. Oh, and those adorable save the date postcards or magnets? Love them! I have my friend Alex and Tyler's picture postcard from last year tacked to my fridge and I smile when I look at it – those adorable lovebirds!  

3. Advanced notice means more guests can actually attend.

Obvious, yes, but still worth the mention. Save the dates give traveling guests advance time to book travel, beg their boss for time off, shop for an adorable new clothes, you know the drill! Guests who are local can take the day off of work and make other accommodations to ensure the date is set in stone on the calendar but it's not that easy to cross the seven seas unless you are Daenerys Targaryen and have 3 spare dragons to take you around (GoT fans would understand this). But A Save the Date can ensure guests have your date circled on the calendar!

I hope that these reasons are enough to convince you and make you say "I DO" ! If you want any more, just leave a comment ! Also, never forget that Save the Date is just an announcement, you must send a formal invite with all the details to your guests before the wedding!


Our save the date designed by me with the help of Meera Graphics and  Paperless post . Details about Save the date ideas coming very soon!  Picture credits :

Our save the date designed by me with the help of Meera Graphics and Paperless post. Details about Save the date ideas coming very soon!

Picture credits :

Our save the date on my friend Alex's Fridge!

Our save the date on my friend Alex's Fridge!


The time between your engagement and marriage is what they call courtship period but I like to call it the "Almost-Bliss-Period". You go out as an engaged couple, you date like before but without thinking about whats in the future, everyone congratulates you and your family lets you buy almost anything (Almost). But this is the most stressful time for the couple and their families. Arranging stuff and managing guests, updates on everything from your mehendi-wala to your venue is required - CONSTANT BUG TIME.

I really can't speak for all the arranged couples but it's more of a not so cool time for a love-marriage duos. Most of the fights happen in this time because of disagreements about which flowers you want at the wedding (Trust me, its as petty as flowers haha) but all is cool because you know you love the person anyways and you keep powering through as you know that this will be all worth it once the wedding is here!

FIRST THINGS FIRST : As soon as the date is decided the first thing that everyone should do is book their wedding venue specially if you are getting married in the "heavy-season". Next thing that you must start with are Save the Date cards and collecting addresses as they will be helpful when you will send out the formal invites too!

Next comes the stay for outstation guests, the mehendi team, decorators and caterers. Your Clothes should be a priority according to the time that you have. Indian designers take between 2.5 to 3 months and the ones abroad take orders as  early as 10 months in advance for the wedding outfit. Later the better as you will get the latest designs but do go and talk to them early.

HONEYMOON PLANS : Generally 4 months before the wedding is the perfect time to plan your honeymoon, more if you need to get your visas for multiple places. One should have a separate suitcase packed before the wedding because you will not get time, and I really mean it, when I say no time between those dinners and congratulation parties to pack your bags before you leave for the destination unknown! All your maps, contacts and documents should be at one place and a list of things to do and friends to meet during your trip is a must.

SKIN, BODY AND MIND : It's said if you feel good , you look good , but no-one realises that it works both ways, it's a constant pendulum that keeps moving back and forth. So get those shoes on and start running - ASAP! As far as skin is concerned one must consult a dermatologist (a good one) to know how much work you need or if you need any! 

Will be discussing all the topics in detail and more in the coming posts!

Till next time, xx

 © Naman Verma Photography

 © Naman Verma Photography


Starting our wedding journey with you guys and we'll be updating everything from our shopping details and photography to our skin , body, food habits. All our collaborations, the events we'll be attending, exhibitions and literally everything on our BRIDE AND GROOM checklist to my "wedding journey" will be on this blog ! Hope you all like it See you on the other side! Do comment if you are searching for anything specific and feel free to connect if you are in the same boat as we are ! Don't forget to show some love!

 © Naman Verma Photography

 © Naman Verma Photography