Firstly, use the ICE/ SOS/ Emergency Contact feature on your smartphone.

This feature is often overlooked and can actually save your life in an emergency situation. Medical response teams can contact your list without unlocking your phone. Also good to add is your blood type, and any allergies and/or medications you have or are taking.

You can find a nice guide to do this on your phone over at Huffpost.

Creating a paper copy of this information and keeping it with your insurance card is also a good idea.

If you have insurance, keep the card near your passport or in a place where emergency personnel can find it easily in case you are unconscious.

Always bring both a credit card that is travel friendly, (ie. no international fees) and a travel-friendly debit card. Also leaving a card with trusted friends or family as a backup can be helpful if cards are lost or stolen.

That said, hotels and airline tickets can usually be booked online without a physical card.

Alternatively, keep a copy, (either paper or digital) of the front and back of your credit cards and all pages of your passport in case of loss.

By the way, if think losing valuables doesn’t happen – read my blog on my stolen passport experience here.

Simply put, having good records makes for a smoother journey on all levels.

So making a habit of scanning all receipts, especially medical docs, and receipts are prudent and can help to expedite any assistance you might need.

This habit goes for all receipts, including expenses incurred as a result of lost or delayed luggage, canceled or delayed flights, and receipts for purchases you travel with. Some common purchases would be electronics, clothes, travel gear, and valuables.

Add the scanned receipts to an application that can be accessed on both your phone and online.

We use Wanderlog, which allows uploads for each of the trips we have created. There’s both a free and paid version so bases are covered.

Mr. and Mrs. Tip: Update your expenses as you book rather than waiting and trying to recreate them later. It takes 3 x as much work and you are almost certain to forget something.


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