After downsizing our lives and packing for a nomadic adventure, we quickly learned how much we really need…and how much we don’t.

For us, one important choice we have made is that almost every piece of clothing we decide to pack has at least 2 uses.

For Kit, a simple white shirt can be belted to make a dress, worn open over another piece of clothing (such as when visiting temples to cover shoulders), or worn simply as a shirt.

A scarf can be used as a beach wrap as well as an accessory, and a sarong/pareo can be used not only as a dress but also as a towel when necessary.

When it comes to personal hygiene products we have opted to use local products for skin and hair, etc. instead of packing what we are used to, which will inevitably run out.

Through using local products, we have learned that each culture has a bounty of interesting ingredients that work as well as what we normally use.

If jackets or warmer clothing are required (like when leaving a colder climate), we use compression bags to flatten them when we’re not using them, saving room in the suitcases.

These recycled plastic bags serve double duty for storing wet items such as swimsuits and for separating dirty laundry.

Select Color Schemes and Stand Alones

Clothing that coordinates creates multiple outfits without the need to carry pieces that are “stand alones.” However, there are some items that could be useful although they are “stand alones.”

If your best colors are Camel and Cream, pairing them with black creates multiple outfit options. And adding a coordinating color substantially expands those options.

Kit’s “go-to” color schemes are black, white, and red. Steinar’s are navy, camel, and black.

Examples of potentially useful “stand alones” might be a comfortable pair of jeans and/or athletic shoes that make a difference in your wellness program. To all the exercise devotees out there, you know what we mean.

That said, athletic shoes can easily be a part of your travel outfit, which leaves more space for other items.

Use Available Space

We often use the inside of closed-toe shoes for socks, underwear or whatever might be well-stored there. This is especially effective with winter boots and shoes.

Layering – The Magic of Merino

Merino wool is both thin and warm. Although pricier than an average sweater or t-shirt, Merino wool wicks moisture and has anti-odor properties so it wears well for a substantial amount of time.

With a few Merino wool pieces in our luggage, we can easily layer if travels take us through a change of season, especially warmer to cooler.

Kit’s favorite is this base layer in multiple colors. Lighter colors work well both alone and layered.

Steinar’s favorite is this t-shirt and Quarter- Zip merino sweater by Good Threads


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