Both lifestyles have their own advantages and disadvantages, and which one is better ultimately depends on You. Your personal preferences, goals, and circumstances are unique, and therefore only you can determine what lifestyle choice is in alignment with your life plan.

For example, as nomads, we had a sense of freedom and adventure, the opportunity to explore new places and cultures, and a chance to live outside the routines of everyday life. 

However, in some locations, there were challenges such as limited access to amenities and services, spotty WiFi, and not enough time to establish social connections and relationships.

Being an expat, on the other hand, can offer the opportunity to experience a new culture and language, develop new skills and personal contacts, and enjoy a better quality of living based on your goals. 

However, it can also come with challenges such as homesickness, culture shock, language barriers, and difficulties in adjusting to a new environment.

One culture shock moment in Spain came when we learned that it is customary to take your trash to a community depository which, in our case, was 3 blocks away. We were used to a trash depository at the curb, in our building, or even a chute outside the door! 

Ultimately, whether being a nomad or an expat is better depends on your personal priorities and goals. 

We like the freedom and excitement of a nomadic lifestyle. That said, we also enjoyed having a base for 7 months which gave us a sense of stability. And we didn’t need to pack/unpack as often, which can be a pain.

It’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons of each lifestyle and choose the one that best aligns with your personal goals and circumstances.

Mr. and Mrs Tip: You can have the best of both worlds using the technique below

The Best of Expat and Nomad living

In order to experience the best of Expat and Nomad living, we intend to select 3 countries to spend 3-4 months at a time as a base and visit countries within that region. 

You might be wondering if there is a method behind the choice of countries.

Actually, yes.

To cover as much as possible, we will be selecting 1 base in Europe, 1 base in the Americas, and 1 base in Asia. 

The European base allows us to easily visit all the countries of Europe during the season we choose. The proximity of the countries makes travel easy and affordable.

The Americas base opens up the US and Canada, Mexico, along with Central and South America… so many possibilities for exploration!

The base in Asia puts us within a reasonable distance of all the wonderful countries in that region without the long-haul time required when traveling from the West.

We’re excited about this new plan, and we’ll let you know when we decide on the countries that we select and the reasons why. 


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