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The time between your engagement and marriage is what they call courtship period but I like to call it the "Almost-Bliss-Period". You go out as an engaged couple, you date like before but without thinking about whats in the future, everyone congratulates you and your family lets you buy almost anything (Almost). But this is the most stressful time for the couple and their families. Arranging stuff and managing guests, updates on everything from your mehendi-wala to your venue is required - CONSTANT BUG TIME.

I really can't speak for all the arranged couples but it's more of a not so cool time for a love-marriage duos. Most of the fights happen in this time because of disagreements about which flowers you want at the wedding (Trust me, its as petty as flowers haha) but all is cool because you know you love the person anyways and you keep powering through as you know that this will be all worth it once the wedding is here!

FIRST THINGS FIRST : As soon as the date is decided the first thing that everyone should do is book their wedding venue specially if you are getting married in the "heavy-season". Next thing that you must start with are Save the Date cards and collecting addresses as they will be helpful when you will send out the formal invites too!

Next comes the stay for outstation guests, the mehendi team, decorators and caterers. Your Clothes should be a priority according to the time that you have. Indian designers take between 2.5 to 3 months and the ones abroad take orders as  early as 10 months in advance for the wedding outfit. Later the better as you will get the latest designs but do go and talk to them early.

HONEYMOON PLANS : Generally 4 months before the wedding is the perfect time to plan your honeymoon, more if you need to get your visas for multiple places. One should have a separate suitcase packed before the wedding because you will not get time, and I really mean it, when I say no time between those dinners and congratulation parties to pack your bags before you leave for the destination unknown! All your maps, contacts and documents should be at one place and a list of things to do and friends to meet during your trip is a must.

SKIN, BODY AND MIND : It's said if you feel good , you look good , but no-one realises that it works both ways, it's a constant pendulum that keeps moving back and forth. So get those shoes on and start running - ASAP! As far as skin is concerned one must consult a dermatologist (a good one) to know how much work you need or if you need any! 

Will be discussing all the topics in detail and more in the coming posts!

Till next time, xx

 © Naman Verma Photography

 © Naman Verma Photography