THREE IDIOTS GO TO LADAKH (Pre-Wedding shoot series)

Pre-Wedding shoots are one of the most fun shoots one can have in their life. You get to go away from everything with your loved one to just sit back, relax and celebrate that you have made it! Yes, you realise that you have taken the first step and now you are moving towards spending your life together - forever!

Our pre-wedding was something that we will always cherish!

The journey started when we finally decided that we want to go and explore Ladakh. Next was the decision about who will do our shoot. Honestly this was a rather easy one because du'uh  the  only name that popped up in our minds was Naman ( Simply because he is the best wedding and art photographer that we know, and I'm not saying this because he is my bestie, but because you can judge his work yourself here - Naman Verma Photography). Honestly, there is no-one , and I mean it when I say, no-one who could have tolerated us (me) and done justice to what we had expected from this trip! He made sure that we have an amazing story to tell through the pictures when we return,

The next thing we know "The Three Idiots"  were on the flight to Leh and we literally packed our entire wardrobe (I was only 26Kgs overweight, but it was worth it, ask the boys). Also, it's a completely different experience when you visit Ladakh with your "the one" because the last time I was there, I was a teenager and with my parents so, what can I say.

We made sure that we don't become your typical tourists and tried our best to explore the places, try out the cuisines, slurp on different kinds of teas and click polaroids as we savoured the mountains, rivers , valleys and passes.

Without revealing too much , will be doing more in-depth posts on topics ranging from bookings and packing to food and sight seeing on behalf of the Three Idiots ! Hope you keep up with us ! Loads of new pictures coming up soon but right now we want you to enjoy this video!