It's mandatory to praise a bride when she is trying on clothes and deciding her favourite outfits. But a reality check can help her decide better outfits and ..

Here's why your Guys are your saviour :

1. They see you through their eyes and not through some Rosy-love covered goggles!

Boys can be blunt and that might hurt your feelings but that is exactly what you need to buy sensible stuff because they will never say the word Nice, thay will either light up with a wow or just say NEXT!

2. Why Guy-Friends and Brothers ?

Guys sometimes have a better eye for what looks nice on you. Why not your fiancé you ask ?Remember your brother calling you a fat cow all the time? When you are with your bestie or your brother they are vocal about how you look in a certain piece of clothing, unlike your fiancé who would rather avoid getting into trouble for saying that your ass looks fat in that dress.

3. Way less drama and chirping.

Your girls might start crying or throwing wows at you as soon as you step out in that first dress and keep the drama going until you try your last look - which in turn confuses you further because you are not that sure about which one looks the best. You might end up buying the wrong dress or too many just because you looked pretty in them. On the other hand your guys will be just nodding and pouting like Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada until you get your hands on an outfit that makes look like a superstar!

4. They know when you are following a pattern!

They just sense it when they see you buying all outfits that look the same. They remind you that you have this, or you have similar design, colour, pattern etc. They will not let you collect all peach or powder outfits in your wardrobe. As a bonus this will also keep your pockets in check because you won't buy similar random 200 outfits.

5. You can call them at 2:00 A.M to discuss just about anything!

This is the best one. You can call your girlfriends but they would remember everything and keep discussing. When you call your guys they won't remember a thing instead they will listen to your conversation as if it's the first time they are hearing about it. No way anything they know is going out.

6. No Competition.

No matter what, there is always a chance that someone from your group liked the same thing that you liked and goes out to buy it or something similar later, making you regret your decision to bring her to your shopping spree. Most of the times they are worried about their own outfits and your outfit comes in later for discussion (nothing wrong with that but you know what i mean). With guys you will never have that problem and you can in-turn sleep peacefully as a happy bride-to-be!

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