Engagement rings are a big deal because it's one piece of jewellery that one has to wear for the rest of their lives. Most of the people I know keep changing theirs after the engagement because they are just not satisfied with what they got because trust me when I say that it's tougher to commit to this piece of jewellery than to commit to a person!

When it comes to choices and opinions , Akshit and I are very different people.

I always knew (Like all girls do) what I wanted and he (Like most boys) had no idea  about his choice. So we went on to search for the perfect ring together. After my constant hints and desperate efforts Akshit did not pop the question with a ring of his choice (will hold this on his head forever) but blessing in disguise , it gave me a chance to get the ring that I actually wanted. Here is a His and Her ring thing.

Her Ring's thing

I wanted a band but there was not even a single decent looking ring available in the market that I actually liked. We went to numerous jewellers and tried on endless rings but nothing looked like what I envisioned. In that fancy sea of big rocks I was searching for my simple soulmate. Finally we decided to get it custom made. Everyone was paranoid that the ring won't be fancy enough or what would it look like and I even got comments like it's the wrong decision and who wears bands? But all is well that looks well and when the engagement day arrived and I looked at the ring, it was just perfect for me and nothing else mattered in that moment anymore!

His Ring's thing

Now came Akshit's turn. This boy I tell you. He tried on maybe one more than what I did and finally got a single rock instead of the traditional band that most of the guys get. so this happened and Epiphanies I tell you! When we were exchanging rings it hit me that we both went against the tide and got ourselves what would otherwise not be the first choice for many people. It looked great on him so I guess going out of the box worked for us!

Send us your ring stories would love to here them! xx

All pictures in this post are  © Abhit Jhanji Photography

All pictures in this post are © Abhit Jhanji Photography